August 31, 2018

"We use Crosstown at my work all the time!! They are the most dependable courier in Anchorage. They have saved the day for us time and time again! I cannot say enough about their customer service, and also their knowledge about shipping practices for all the different freight companies we deal with. They are experts in their field, and have helped us get our paperwork filled out correctly, and have even given us advice on who would be the least expensive for our super large or sometimes very small shipments. They just go above and beyond for us. If you chose to use them you will not be disappointed :)"
August 17, 2018

General Contractor Owner

"Great Company! Great customer service! I own a general contracting company and we use Crosstown Deliveries for our oversized construction materials. They are on time, reliable, and affordable. They are also able to deliver windows, glass sliding doors and other items that need special handling. We recommend them to all our customers!"
August 17, 2018

Happy Customer

"Communicating with CTD is like speaking to a friend. They come through with pickups and deliveries every single time without fail and hassle. I utilize CTD in my everyday operations and recommend them to everyone! Thank you, Daniel & team for always being here for me! You absolutely make me successful at my job."
August 7, 2018


August 4, 2018

"Such an amazing company!!"
Crosstown Deliveries Inc